Who is at MKC

All MKC cats are from Purrfect Companions of Norfolk, a registered charity operated by volunteers dedicated to cat rescue and adoption. 

All cats at MKC have been spayed or neutered, microchipped, are vaccinated for FVRCP and rabies, have tested negative for FIV and Feluk, treated with flea prevention and dewormed. Adoption fee $150

If you are interested in any of Meows here, please speak to one of MKC staff first before filling out any forms. Thanks 😻😻



Abe (Please ask for more detail)

July 2018,,  black and white tux boy, kitten at heart, playful, chirps like a bird


Ruffles (on hold)

August 2019,, beautiful tabby girl, loves to play and cuddly, loves people and cats


Ryelee (on hold)

August 2019,, beautiful tortie girl, little shy but playful, 



August 2019,, diluted tortie girl, gives hugs, loves to cuddle, likes other cats


Winslow (Adopted)

July 2019,, very sweet boy, little shy at first, cuddly and affectionate 



July 2019,, very handsome white tabby boy, loves to play, cuddly and loves attention 


Seymour (on hold)

July 2019,, sweet tabby boy, little shy but affectionate and loving


Tea biscuit (on hold)

August 2019,, black panther boy, playful, likes to ride on shoulders, loves to play


Biscotti (on hold)

August 2019,, pretty girl with a white spot on her chest, spunky, likes to cuddle with other cats, busy